The World is Waiting on You

Dear Brave Ones, There is NOTHING like seeing a dream take shape and be actualized. For more than three years Speaking Life has been real to me and today I get to make it real to you. From the time I could read, I have been a speaker – church […]

Test Your Self-Compassion

Coaching Question: This week we’re talking about self compassion. How do you love you? Test Your Self Compassion #selfcompassion #speaklife

You’re the Key

Courageous One! Much of who you desire to be is already within you. You hold the key. Make the decision to unlock your future.

Transitions: Twists and Turns

Life with all it’s twists and turns, even they can create quite an adventure. Lean over. Really? Try it? Lean to one side or the other. New perspective? Take a situation you’re experiencing and “lean over” maybe you’ll discover something new instead of attacking straight on. ‪#‎speakinglife‬