My son Gabriel is 4 years old. He is bright, strategic (nice way of saying he gets into everything), and loves to cuddle and kiss.  He is also a big brother to Levi who is 2. They squabble like brothers but they love each other, really, they do!  When they nap […]

Fighting Seasons

Over the next month we’re together I’ll be unpacking what the seasons mean to me and some tools to get through them but thriving! For now I will encourage you that many of us are stressed out because we are fighting seasons.  I mean we are experiencing summer but we […]

Stress Nearly Killed Me (well, it scared me enough!) Part 1

Stress kills. I preached my first not-sure-this-is-a sermon about stress. The topic encompassed much of my life. If I wasn’t in a stressful situation, I had not long come out of one. I opened up the “sermon” with a picture of ambulance on the screen and these words: “I woke […]