The World is Waiting on You

Dear Brave Ones,
There is NOTHING like seeing a dream take shape and be actualized. For more than three years Speaking Life has been real to me and today I get to make it real to you.

From the time I could read, I have been a speaker – church speeches on Easter and Christmas to competing in speaking competitions to preaching. I value the voice and it’s power.

After having a coach and experiencing the power of spoken questions to pull, challenge, and affirm, I started my own journey becoming a coach. I love my clients. I get them… While their struggles with being overwhelmed and stressed are ones that while I still face, I have some tools to help me dig out quickly!

Stress is killing the dreamer, innovator, creator, entrepreneur, spiritual leader…. I’m clear that if we don’t master the stress and the emotions it brings up in our bodies and hearts, the world will be a less vibrant place — because your light will be dim. The world, your city, your corner, your office is waiting to see the brightest, most present version of yourself. We’ve got ‘ish’ to be and do. And I am here to journey with you – because you’re worth it!

Take a step today by joining the Speaking Life Community and hear more about who we are and how you’re welcomed on the journey with us! 


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