Transitions: Twists and Turns

Life with all it’s twists and turns, even they can create quite an adventure. Lean over. Really? Try it? Lean to one side or the other. New perspective? Take a situation you’re experiencing and “lean over” maybe you’ll discover something new instead of attacking straight on. ‪#‎speakinglife‬

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One thought on “Transitions: Twists and Turns

  1. Hello. I saw your blog and I wasn’t certain if it was pulling completely onto my device’s screen. I assume you are waxing poetically when you say to “lean”, as in “change one’s perspective”. I am referring to your blog, dated July 04, 2016. There seemed to be no other more current blog than this particular one that I have come upon. Your blog entry caught my attention because I have a relative who carries the same name as your own, but she is into art rather than ministry, although some of her art does delve into the saints and religious symbolism. She says she has come across your sites several times, so it is likely you have run across her sites, too. Are you the same one that also runs a blog on googleplus under the same name? The one with the small dog icon? ( We are puzzled by end-time blogs because only God knows His plans about the end times.) Your photograph of yourself turns out well on your blog and helps our various associates differentiate your blogs from my relative’s blogs. ” Charity” is a good decent name, which likely accounts for its growing polularity . In the 1990s and earlier, I rarely heard or saw the name, other than my relative’s use of it; but, lately, I have come across several people who bear the same name, all in similar age. God would have his purposes for such an expansion in the visibility of the name of “Charity”. Perhaps He wants more people to remember compassion and thus makes the name more present before our eyes. Wish you the best with your blogs.

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