Fighting Seasons: Resilience: The Lesson of Bamboo–Lives, Grows, and Bends

Both sets of my grandparents had gardens while I was growing up. I loved it! I helped plant and harvest and best of all EAT! Though I frequented my local farmer’s market, I had a desire to grow my own food. So I did. Well, that’s an overstatement. I tried! I ended up with lots of starter kits, some sproutlings, but never any food! It was hard and tedious and it was a hot summer – someone said. I even went as far one year to buy everything already sprouted and planted outside and the thug squirrels ate everything down to the root. (The kind of squirrels that don’t run away when you approach them – all they were missing was thuglife on the nut-filled bellies).

If you look on my patio you’ll see dead plants that were vibrant through summer and the mother in law plant that I have had for over a year now starting to freeze to death.

In my home there is but one plant that is green and growing. It’s a 12inch bamboo that I keep in the bathroom because it matches my Asian décor. I always feel accomplished when I see it. IT’S ALIVE!

The story of bamboo is one of resilience and strength. Bamboo bends and does not break. bambooIt bends and bounces back into place.

What’s your bounce back time? I think this is the measure growing in resiliency…as we grow our bounce back time is faster. There was a time when  most of the winter, I’d have a cold and be lethargic and eventually be bed ridden for days. Some seasons of my life I was depressed to a point that getting out the bed was not an option.

Now, I am learning to take care of myself ahead of time… in anticipation for the dis-ease that may come. I am practicing resiliency regularly so that when the BIG ONE (drama, life change, relationship issue, parenting dilemma etc..) comes I have resilient muscles to hold on and bounce back.

I practice resilience by giving myself permission to feel the despair or disappointment of a situation – all the while knowing I will not stay and wallow in it but I will be present in my pain or grief or doubt – but for a while not forever.

No More Fighting Seasons

PRACTICE: What do you need to give yourself permission to do/feel in order to be experience resilience?

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