My son Gabriel is 4 years old.

He is bright, strategic (nice way of saying he gets into everything), and loves to cuddle and kiss.  He is also a big brother to Levi who is 2. They squabble like brothers but they love each other, really, they do!  When they nap in the same bed they manage always to be touching the other.  Brotherly love!

I don't dress them alike all the time. But orange is my favorite color. So...
I don’t dress them alike all the time. But orange is my favorite color. So…

Gabriel is inspiring me and others. He was diagnosed with autism Nov. 6, 2013. Our journey takes twists, turns, ups, downs, and sometimes it’s a level way, other moments we’re downright in a valley.  On the Speaking Life blog you’ll be hearing about our journey with the tags autism or Gabriel’s Voice. I chose this forum to share his victories and encourage everyday people. Families of children with autism become automatic advocates speaking on behalf of their loved one.  As I am learning, I will share with other families who walk our way what’s working, what’s not, what needs to change and how we together can do that.

Gabriel loves the park! And who can resist that smile?

By the way, I’m Charity, proud mama of Gabriel and Levi.  Thanks for joining me as I we talk about life

with and beyond autism.

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