Stress Nearly Killed Me (well, it scared me enough!) Part 1

Stress kills. I preached my first not-sure-this-is-a sermon about stress. The topic encompassed much of my life. If I wasn’t in a stressful situation, I had not long come out of one. I opened up the “sermon” with a picture of ambulance on the screen and these words:
“I woke up that Friday, my day off , happy not to think about other people and their problems. A trip the thrift store after my standing therapy appointment at 10am was part of my plan. The boys were especially good that morning. No meltdown, tantrums, running back up the staris for stuff I forgot or my little ducklings who snaked back in bed or in front of the TV. We made it to daycare on time…. And freedom starting whistling in my ears. Back home I changed from my drop off clothes to something a little nicer. Putting my jeans on, I felt a sharp pain in my back. This happened earlier when I was brushing my teeth. It must have been indigestion or gas or something. What did I eat last night?
On cue it seems the pain struck and I cringed and grunted. What ever the pain was it was clearly in charge! I sat on the sofa first. Then I lied down for a while thinking it would move and eventually be gone. Acquiesce to the pain and it will pass. I had visions of back labor with my first son, Gabriel. This was just as bad. Oh God, this may be serious.
I called my husband. He had only been gone 10 minutes. I hoped I could catch him before getting to work an dsincing his phone while on the call center floor. I called. No answer. Dammit. I know he aint at work yet. He’s probably blaring salsa music and can’t hear the phone. As if my calls would telepathically reach him I called 3 more times and nothing.
If this is serious I could be having a heartache. No one is home. I’m alone. I could pass out and die and no one will know until 6pm when Eli gets home or the daycare calls because no one has picked up the boys.
I call again. No answer.
I’m on the floor, tear starting to roll on my full cheeks.
I wait a bit more…
I call 911
I make my way to the door ,open it , and sit at the dining room table.

I called my sister Tina. “I need you stay on the line with me. Just called 911 I think I am having a heartache. It’s bad.”
36 year old dies of heart attack… no, this can’t be my headline.

BP…slightly elevated.
Heart…also normal
“Ma’am have been under any stress lately?”
LOL. I’m a pastor and mother of two toddlers. Uh yea!

Speaking Life: Stress causes many of the things that people die from like stroke, heart attack and diabetes.
Today, take some time to breathe. No, really breathe. Before you allow that issue that is driving you the up wall or keep you up at night nag at your peace. BREATHE.
I make it habit to take deep breaths before transitioning to a new task or changing a focus. For example, I breathe three deep breaths before getting out of the car or putting the car in drive. Typically, I set my phone alarm prior to a meeting so that I can stop what I am doing and get centered and pre parted for the next meeting.

It takes breath to speak life.

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