Fighting Seasons

Over the next month we’re together I’ll be unpacking what the seasons mean to me and some tools to get through them but thriving! For now I will encourage you that many of us are stressed out because we are fighting seasons.  I mean we are experiencing summer but we are emotionally and mentally prepared for winter. This is fighting the seasons.  It’s amazing how many times I realized that my stress was from wearing bermuda shorts in the snow.
I believe and have experienced that when the natural season is at hand to truly try to live in it.  Right now it’s summer. I say it’s a time of EXUBERANCE.  So despite moving to a new city, home, and job I am being intentional by playing and laughing (especially at stupid stuff).  I am even trying to approach my new job with this exuberance – a joyful energy – as I meet new people and learn how to best serve.
Hear me when I say that surely you will have dark days in summer.  Have you heard the tornado sirens going off in Mid-Missouri?
So take inventory today.  How are you dressed for summer?

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