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Rising Strong, The Daring Way and Emotional Intelligence.


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1:1 coaching with clergy starting new ministries in existing congregations


                                                          Angie Olsen

Working with Charity has allowed me time to dig deep into the stories I carry and reframe them to walk into the future hopefully. It has helped me recognize the people whose opinions really matter and not allow other critics to stop my willingness to risk.

                                                             Robert Klepees

When I started as a new first-time clergy, I realized that I had more questions than answers, like “What do preachers do on Monday?” I signed up for coaching with Charity hoping she would give me the answers; she didn’t. Instead she helped me find my own answers inside myself.

Charity’s ability create a Holy Spirit centered space is a powerful gift as I set across the table. Her capacity to ask questions and dig at the heart of the matter has always left me with new insights and fresh perspective. Three years later, and I know that my ministry wouldn’t be the same or nearly as success without her coaching and presence.